RR Brink Locking Systems, Inc.




  • Electromechanical Deadlocking Bolt

  • Solenoid actuated operation to lock (Fail-safe) or to unlock (Fail-secure) a door

  • Designed for hollow metal frame mounting

  • 3/4”- throw stainless steel bolt

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Technical Notice

RRBLS 2020FS employs electronic circuitry to protect its push type solenoid from overheating and possible failure resulting from an inability for the plunger to seat fully under power (i.e. achieve deadlock status) due to external blockage of the deadbolt travel, which is usually caused by a misalignment of the 2020FS’s bolt and/or keeper. In the event the solenoid plunger does not seat fully within 2 - 3 seconds after door lock actuation, as can be indicated remotely by an unsecure signal (e.g. red light and/or audible alarm), a power circuit reset becomes necessary to effect proper deadlocking. This requires (1) switching off the lock’s power (i.e. enabling bolt retraction), (2) opening the door, (3) correcting the cause of the blockage and (4) reclosing and powering the 2020FS until a secure (aka deadlocked) lock status indication (e.g. green light) is reliably attained.